Kladivar by Poclain


Poclain was founded in 1958 by M. Claude Bataille and is world famous for their hydraulic motors.

They developed and adapted many types of hydraulic valves for various applications.

Hydraulic motors (please take note, Galtech Canada is not a Poclain motor distributor)

Galtech Canada handles all hydraulic valves offered by Poclain.

Hydraulic valves
Compact valves capable of withstanding high pressures, essential  requirement for hydrostatic transmissions applications.

Brake valves
Complete range of valves for assisted hydraulic brake circuit. High braking power and compact dimensions.

Circuit valves
Hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components for hydrostatic transmission used for mobile machines and fixed installations.

DC Selector valves (Kladivar by Poclain)
Available in many configurations: 2way/2positions, 3way/ 2pos, 6way/2pos with flow capacity ranging from 8 to 66 gpm, monobloc and stackable.

Solenoid directional control valves
Available in DO3 and DO5 patterns

High performance for open or closed circuits applications; compact dimensions and quiet.

“Heavy Duty” Serie
(450 bar) designed for closed circuits. Variable displacement with manual controls, three positions electric or electro proportional. Five volumetric  displacements, ranging from 54 to 105 cm3/rev. Tandem configuration possible.

“Heavy Duty” PL Serie
(450 bar) designed for open circuits. Fixed displacement, 6 different flows available. 4 configurations ranging from 10 to 440cm3/rev.

“Medium Duty” Serie
(350 bar) designed for closed circuits. Varialbe displacement with manual controls, hydraulic controls, 3-positions electric or electro proportional. Two volumetric displacements: 40 & 49 cm3/rev. Tandem configuration possible.