Directional control valves


Designing and manufacturing is perhaps what Galtech does best. Here are some of the main characteristics of our directional control valves.

High technical performances and design for a wide range of applications. Special high resistance cast iron bodies suitable for working at high pressure.

Standard parallel circuit configuration allows simultaneous operations and, due to negative overlap and metering, there is a proportional movement at the work port level. Series circuit is also available.

Minimal internal leakage.

Nickel plated spools offer long working life under demanding working conditions. Spools are bore interchangeable and in some models, shared in both monoblock and sectional bodies. This feature allows for better stock management and rotation.

Possibility to switch around control side with positionner side, turning spool action 180. At inlet, P to T passage is “Y” shaped, allowing high thru flow with minimal pressure drop.

Many kits and options available making Galtech valves versatile and easily adaptable.