Contarini Leopoldo Srl was founded in 1958 in Italy.

Contarini makes a wide range of cylinder and related spare parts. Thanks to a warehouse that offers quick availability of items, Contarini can help OEMs reduce their lead times.

Cylinder production plants are located in Italy, Bulgaria (COPA – GOLF) and a warehouse in France (UNIDRO). In 2008, Contarini joined Interpump Group.

CONTARINI is a market leader when it comes to Customer service. More than 20,000 standard cylinders from Ø25mm to Ø100mm with strokes from 50mm to 1000mm and 80,000 cylinder parts from Ø25 to Ø300mm are readily available. Contarini Leopoldo Srl also manufactures hand pumps, in cooperation with Interpump Engineering. Contarini’s hand pumps have high quality standard and top-level reliability. All pumps are 100% tested before shipment to customers.



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