In operation since 1968 and located in Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia), Italy.

Oleodinamica Borelli manufactures mechanical and hydraulic components for agricultural, marine and industrial applications. Products are made of high quality materials offering excellent reliability.

Asides from offering catalogue products, we can design components made to OEM specifications meeting any requirement from our customers.

Available components from Oleodinamica Borelli:

Electromagnetic clutches*
Series 30900 Electromagnetic clutches 12 and 24 Volt, allow to engage and disengage hydraulic pumps used in marine (fishing boats), service vehicles, air conditioners, etc …; drive belt pulley or drive shaft options available, torque range: 30 Nm, 100 Nm, 210 Nm, 300 Nm or 500 Nm.

Speed increasers
Gearboxes designed for connecting gear pumps to farm tractor power take-offs. Meets compliance with norm SAE J 718 D. Using the tractor PTO’s standard 540 rpm, different output speeds are available. Torques mentioned in our technical charts of the single over-gears, refer to continuous duty. Torques under intermittent working conditions can be exceeded by 20%.

Reduction gears
Reducers are used for the connection of LSHT motors (Danfoss, Eaton, White, etc..), excavating machineries, winches, agricultural implements for harvesting etc … For standard flanges SAE A and SAE B.

Splined half-couplings*
Splined half-couplings series 10000 – 10500 – 13000 – 35000 and 35500 DIN 5482, made of 16CRNI4 bonded tempered steel . For gear and pistons hydraulic pumps applications.

Used for self-compensating radial off-centre and axial caused by misalignment.

Chain-type couplings
Chain-type couplings Series 16800 made of 16CRNi4 bonded tempered steel . For mechanical transmission: applicable on electric motors UNEL/IEC from 0,25 to 132 Kw.

Chain-type couplings
Chain-type couplings Series 16800 same as above. For use with hydraulic pump and endothermic motor.

Pump support*
Support blocks with outboard bearing for hydraulic pumps with tapered or straight keyed shaft (Series 25400 and 25600)

*Indicates parts that we usually keep in stock at our Terrebonne, Q.c. warehouse.

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