In operation since 1964.

Apsco is a manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders, controls and valves for the mobile, truck equipment and automotive markets.

All products are tested prior to shipment; ensuring that the products are safe and reliable. APSCO products are supplied with a cast iron warranty.

Available products from Apsco:

Cylinders / Actuators

  • Tailgate lock
  • Hydraulic valve air actuators
  • Dump pump air actuators *
  • High-lift cylinders
  • Belly dump cylinders

Air Valves

  • AV-295 controls for PTO *
  • VM-Series pneumatic joysticks*


  • Cylinder/controls kit for winch
  • Complete air Control consoles
  • Pedestals for air joysticks *


  • Wireless control (electric/air)

*Indicates parts that we usually keep in stock at our Terrebonne, Q.c. warehouse.

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