Accessories (Webster, KTI, Hydreco pumps)

Galtech Canada imports and stocks the OMT range of hydraulic filters for suction, return and medium/high pressure lines.

We import and stock Borelli 12/24 VDC double and multigroove clutches for hydraulic pumps. We also stock Borelli speed increasers for PTO driven hydraulic pumps.

We offer a wide range of David Brown hydraulic piloted controls such as single lever, dual axis joysticks and foot pedal.

Speciality components

Cast iron and aluminum gear pumps.

12 and 24 VDC power packs

Wide selection of 2/2, 3/2, 4/2, 6/2 DC selector valves, up to 65 GPM. Small flow stackable directional solenoid valves and various accessory valves. All suitable for various mobile hydraulic applications.

Webster gear pumps
They’re back! YBs, YC, KB pumps. Made in USA as per original designs.