Interpump Group

Based in Italy, Interpump Group is an international group of manufacturing companies with a sales network covering all the world continents. Interpump Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of high pressure water pumps and is the world’s largest manufacturer of power take off (PTO), represented under well known brands:

Hydrocar (IPH Brand)
Muncie Power Inc
PZB (IPH Brand)

Interpump Group is also known as a major world manufacturer of hydraulic components. The following lists all member companies:

American Mobile Power Inc.
Contarini Leopoldo S.r.l.
Cover S.r.l.
Galtech S.p.A. / Galtech Canada
HS Penta S.p.A.
Hydrocontrol S.p.A.
Hydroven S.r.l.
I.M.M. Hydraulics S.p.A.
Modenflex S.r.l.
MTC S.r.l.
Oleodinamica Panni S.r.l.

Interpump has a R&D centre based in Reggio Emilia Italy. Over the years, this division has successfully improved many existing products, as well as develop many original and innovative solutions, most of them under patent rights.

Interpump Group has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1996 (IP)