Hydrocontrol SPA


Located in Bologna Italy, Hydrocontrol has been involved in manufacturing hydraulic components since 1969.

The Company has grown by offering Mobile Equipment manufacturers, Customer Specific Solutions, in line with our business vision:

  • Generate new ideas for continuous innovation and the acceptance of new challenges as an opportunity for growth.
  • Know How learned from the consolidation of every small technical improvement and expertise obtained through testing and applications in the field.
  • The importance of our People who constantly help shape the company through initiatives and dedication, always designing solutions with safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection with the future in mind.

Hydrocontrol’s success in the market is due to the application of the concept of as a “Global Company Process”. This enables the company to interface with customers, identify and fine tune the best solution for them.

In order to interact with an ever changing, complex and selective global market, Hydrocontrol uses flexibility, rapid decision making process, clear procedures and production capacity. With our in house design capabilities and rapid prototyping methods, Hydrocontrol can quickly identify the best solution for the customers’ requirements and simultaneously the best Performance/Price ratio.

Large production capability and top quality products make Hydrocontrol one of the major Global Manufacturers on the market. Thanks to strategic investments, the company acquired state of the art technology and sophisticated machinery, a unique metallurgic laboratory, control and testing units that ensure 100% quality of the final shipped product. We received accreditation for ISO 9001 in 1998, and our susceptibility towards environmental protection was a strong driver in obtaining ISO 14001:2004 accreditations in 2003.

Hydrocontrol started catering to the global market in 1998 with subsidiaries in Europe, USA, China and India, in order to support growth, be close to these markets and understand their specific requirements. In many cases, due to extreme working conditions, and by collaborating with local and global manufacturers of mobile machinery, customized solutions can be implemented.

As a consequence of direct contact and problem solving activities with the Customer, Hydrocontrol is recognized as a qualified and proactive partner.



Since 1955, Galtech SPA Italy design and manufacture hydraulic components. At first, the growing demand for quality product helped the introduction of those components in Canada. Galtech components became available to all of North America by the end of the 90’s.

In 2005, Galtech SPA bought 100% of the existing Canadian distributor and took over the importing and distribution operations in North America.

Early 2008, the name Galtech Canada became official in order to display the link with Galtech Italy. At the same time, a new business management plan was implanted with the arrival of M. Maurice Malo as general manager.

Asides from being the North America logistics hub for Galtech Italy, Galtech Canada imports hydraulic components from other Italian manufacturers. We also actively source out North American suppliers of components needed to complement our pumps and valves offering.

Thru knowledgeable, well trained and able employees, Galtech Canada offers professional and timely service. In this day and age, quick turnaround is often what contributes to the feasibility of any company. In order to help our customers, we do our best to keep deliveries as quick as possible by maintaining well stocked shelves.

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In 2014, Galtech SPA merged with Hydrocontrol SPA, member of Interpump Group.